An-Najah Shines at BENEFIT Project’s Closing Conference, Pioneering Precision Agriculture in Palestine

An-Najah National University reaffirmed its commitment to advancing education and research in the field of Precision Agriculture during its active participation in the closing conference of the BENEFIT Project on September 18, 2023. The prestigious event was held at the Palestinian Red Crescent Hall in Ramallah, showcasing the ě╣niversity’s dedication to innovation in agriculture and research.

A high-profile delegation from An Najah National University, led by Prof. Saed K. Khayat, the Director of Scientific Centers at An-Najah, and key members of the project team, including Dr. Mohammad Najjar, Dr. Tawfiq Qubbaj, and Dr. Munqeth Ishtayeh, participated in this momentous occasion. The conference saw active participation from ten Palestinian and European universities engaged in the BENEFIT Project.

During his address, Prof. Khayat underscored the pivotal role of the project in disseminating cutting-edge agricultural technology and adapting it to local needs. He lauded the advancements in enhancing students’ capabilities within the Faculty of Agriculture in utilizing modern agricultural technology. Prof. Khayat also highlighted An Najah University’s remarkable track record in managing numerous international projects over the past two decades, with the University often leading the way. He commended the strong local and international partnerships that have significantly contributed to the University’s rise in global rankings and progress.

The BENEFIT Project is multi-faceted, encompassing courses related to precision agriculture, protected cultivation, automation, and smart irrigation and composting systems. One of its key objectives is to implement a state-of-the-art computerized irrigation system for Tulkarm’s Faculty of Agriculture farm, further enhancing research and educational capabilities in the field.

Dr. Najjar, the project coordinator at An Najah National University, delivered an insightful presentation on the research paper’s findings. The paper delves into the adaptation of project management practices, particularly in the context of the Precision Agriculture project, amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The BENEFIT Project, “Boosting Innovation in Education and Research of Precision Agriculture in Palestine,” is a collaborative effort between Palestinian and European universities aimed at advancing precision agriculture, protected cultivation, automation, and smart irrigation and composting systems. The project seeks to revolutionize agricultural practices in Palestine and promote sustainable and efficient farming techniques.

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