The primary target group of the project BENEFIT:​

is represented by the teachers and researchers at Palestinian universities.

This targeted group will strengthen their knowledge and competencies in understanding the principles of precision and digital farming and how to implement it into courses and specializations related to modern agriculture. This targeted group needs an advanced capacity building to improve their knowledge about smart irrigation technologies,  digital technological developments to provide, manage, and utilize the vast quantities of data required to understand spatial variations in crop yields and in the factors that affect yields. Advanced capacity building in the yield mapping system. Later, tt is expected that the targeted group would have the ability to transfer and train other beneficiaries at local and regional levels. The development of new courses and curriculums is an important feature to improve the quality of HEIs in the South Mediterranean institutions. At least 30 academic staff/technicians from all Palestinian universities will be trained in order to strengthen their skills and competencies.

The second – indirect – group

includes students, school teachers, innovators, media-related education, and business (i.e. chambers of commerce), policymakers, and related stakeholders. The planned activities and the expected results will enhance this group will create a dynamic to launch the precision and/or digital farming concept into different levels, especially commercial sector and practical implementation (BENEFIT external support group)This target group will be invited to take part in the final conference, which will be organized in the space of the established pilot site for digital agriculture application at QOU. These parties also will act as strategic partners and they will guarantee the coverage of this intervention at different levels, i.e. industry (companies and associations), government, and the larger community through the participation of and community members. Establishing and strengthening the strategic links with these different parties is the role of each individual partner.

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