Preparation and Training


Lead Organization: University of Ruse

This first sub-package will set-up the capacity – building process into motion for the first phase of the project. The different stakeholders will agree on the prepared planning, topics, and appropriate training material creation for that purpose. The academics training covers topics depending on advanced instructional design related to precision farming like GPS guidance, control systems, sensors, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, variable rate technology, GPS-based soil sampling, automated hardware, telematics, and software which will assist the team to design and develop curriculum and courses’ syllabuses proposed for each Palestinian HEI

This starts with the pre-produced curricula and syllabus for each Palestinian University. This stage aims to define all the educational aspects of the new courses like core aim, main targets, learning objectives, and outcomes.

Activities related to this phase are the following:

  • identification of the issues/problems/needs,
  • characteristics, needs, and desires of learners,
  • identification of the theories and methods to accomplish intended outcomes,
  • definition of short-term and long-term changes intended for learners,
  • identification of the evaluation strategies for the used methodology developed content and intended outcomes.


The output of this sub-phase will be the redaction of Terms of Reference that will have to be produced. It will serve as a training blueprint to develop or enhance courses or study programs and enrich the learning, research, and teaching process inside Palestinian Universities, focusing on precision agriculture in local communities. The main target is the better consideration of local, regional, and national authorities and the potential implementation of concrete modern and open technologies and resources in agriculture as a stimulus at the development of the Palestinian economy and improving job creation.

At this level, the BENEFIT Partnership – especially Palestinian partners – will engage with local and national policy decision-makers to present the potential of precision agriculture and prepared to learn courses to stimulate confidence in communities, provide enterprise access and social cohesion.



  1. The organizational kick-off meeting for the first year  (instructional team & development team).
  2. Training material preparation for instructional & engineering workshops.
  3. Training workshop 1 ( )
  4. Training workshop 2 ( )
  5. Instructional training final report
  6. Training workshop 3 ( )
  7. Training workshop 4 ( )
  8. Training workshop 5 ( )
  9. Development Training report

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