Boosting Innovation in Education and Research of Precision Agriculture in Palestine


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    4 weeks ago

    Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie held a workshop entitled Applications of Precision Agriculture in Plant and Animal Production field

    The Faculty of Agricultural Science and Technology at Palestine Technical University Kadoorie, organized a workshop entitled “Applications of Precision Agriculture…

    Kadoorie Agricultural Research Center at Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie organized a workshop on smart farming devices

    One of the main objective of this project for (PTUK) involved in the application of precision agriculture that help Palestinian…

    BENEFIT Team at  Al Quds Open University Meets with Partner Universities

    The management team of “Boosting Innovation in Education and Research of Precision Agriculture in Palestine( BENEFIT) met, during the period…

    فريق “القدس المفتوحة” لمشروع الزراعة الدقيقة في فلسطين يجتمع مع الجامعات الشريكة 

    فريق “القدس المفتوحة” لمشروع الزراعة الدقيقة في فلسطين يجتمع مع الجامعات الشريكة    اجتمع طاقم إدارة جامعة القدس المفتوحة الخاص…


    Mr. Mohamed Burgan from Istiqlal University and Dr. Talaat Al-Tamimi from Hebron University represented the Benefit Project with the participation…

    BENEFIT Workshop3: ” Advanced technologies in agriculture and case studies”

    BENEFIT consortia starting the 3rd Capacity- Building Workshop at Hebron University during 28-30 June 2021. In the presence of Dr.…

    2nd Vol of Benefit Newsletter

    English copy: English ( Arabic Copy: Arabic (

    University of Ruse Activities (Press in Bulgaria)

    The second online training seminar on the project Boosting Innovation in Education aNd REsearch oF Precision AgriculTure in Palestine (BENEFIT) was held…

    University of Ruse Activities (Press in Bulgaria)

    SEMINAR ON INNOVATION IN PRECISION AGRICULTURE In the period 25.01.2021 – 03.02.2021a second online training was held seminar for the…

    Installation of precision agriculture

    One of the most important output of this project for PTUK concerning for purchasing and installation of advanced devices (Agrilive…


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