Working Packages

  • Photo of Management


    Description: ​ Lead Organization: Al Quds Open University 1.     OVERVIEW OF BENEFIT PROJECT Agriculture sector in Palestine carries both economic and…

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  • Photo of Dissemination and Piloting

    Dissemination and Piloting

    Description:  Lead Organisation: Al-Istiqlal University The aim of WP4 is to ensure the highest visibility of the project and its…

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  • Photo of Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Description:​ Lead Organization: Institute of Technology and Business in  Czech Republic   The project quality will be monitored and evaluated through…

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  • Photo of Design & Development of the Courses

    Design & Development of the Courses

    Description:​ Lead Organization: Slovak University of Agriculture The development work- package should start the knowledge and expertise of the consortium…

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  • Photo of Preparation and Training

    Preparation and Training

    Description:​ Lead Organization: University of Ruse This first sub-package will set-up the capacity – building process into motion for the…

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