Executive summary

Dissemination plan is an action plan that describes the respective dissemination objectives and measures for achieving them. The deliverable at hand presents the methodology that the BENEFIT partners shall apply for dissemination and communication activities.
Specifically it defines and prioritizes the key objectives of the project’s dissemination, identifies in detail the target groups and sets the expected results.
Moreover, it identifies and prioritizes the dissemination tools and activities, the strengths and competences of the partners. It also elaborates the procedures of monitoring the dissemination impact as well as relevant indicators, and defines the timeline for the planned activities.
The plan’s objectives are based on the SMART approach (specific, measurable, achievable, result-focused and time-bound). The primary objective is to raise awareness and maximize visibility of the project among public authorities, agricultural consultants, farmers, as well as the wide public.
The brand motto of the project was specified as “BENEFIT”, constituting an indispensable part of the visual identity under the project logo. Regarding the target groups the focus is given on how to engage target audiences and not only on how to pass on information and messages.
The dissemination tools are described in detail in order to provide specific consultation to local partners and thus increase dissemination effectiveness. The project visual identity and slogan is determined as well as dissemination web tools, social media approach and different types of publications and press releases.
Dissemination activities are presented analytically narrowed down to specific actions properly assigned to members of the consortium. In addition, the strengths of the project partners are highlighted regarding dissemination and communication activities. The allocation of responsibilities to project partners regarding the Dissemination- Communication Plan is based on the strengths identified in each case.
An analytical overview of monitoring, reporting and evaluation methods that are crucial for the success of the plan is laid out. This analysis is followed by the establishment of dissemination indicators, relative targets and a timeframe for their achievement is set.
Finally, the conclusions of the Communication – Dissemination Plan are presented.
This Plan will periodically be updated. Regular reports on the activities of the Network of Interest and other Dissemination Activities will serve to monitor progress and inform the revision of the Dissemination Strategy.

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