BENEFIT Team at  Al Quds Open University Meets with Partner Universities

The management team of “Boosting Innovation in Education and Research of Precision Agriculture in Palestine( BENEFIT) met, during the period 20-28/2/2022, with representatives of the national partner universities (Al-Istiqlal University, An-Najah National University, Hebron University, Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie, and  with the University College of Applied Sciences via “Zoom technology”.

The meetings aimed to evaluate the activities of the project which is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program and is implemented in collaboration between Palestinian and European universities.

The meeting also aimed to identify the mechanism for implementing activities on the ground, monitor progress of technical and administrative work, and work on resolving any difficulties that partners may encounter while carrying out these activities.

The meetings included the adoption of a future work plan to be followed in order to achieve the project’s objectives within the timeframe proposed. It was also agreed to expand the project’s target groups through implementing different activities, such as workshops, introductory meetings, and field days for farmers and students of Faculties of Agriculture.

This project is being carried out over a three-year period by the management of Al-Quds Open University in collaboration with ten Palestinian and European universities, with the goal of developing some curricula and courses taught in the agricultural faculties of partner universities in smart agriculture. In addition to improving the technical capabilities of the cadre of partner institutions, including researchers and lecturers in the same field, and work to encourage farmers to use various smart farming techniques because they have a positive impact on farm productivity and profitability, in line with the agricultural sectoral strategy.

The delegation included Dr. Aziz Salama, the Project Coordinator from the Faculty of Agriculture, and Ms. Randa Abdelhay from the Continuing Education and Community Service Center.

Al-Istiqlal University

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