Installation of precision agriculture

Installation of precision agriculture (Agrilive) at PTUK farm

One of the most important output of this project for PTUK concerning for purchasing and installation of advanced devices (Agrilive system) that will be used on the university farm to enhance students and researchers to increase their knowledge and science. AgriLive is a smart solution designed within a platform to serve the agricultural fields, their main job is to monitor and control things over internet connection. This Agrilive system was installed at PTUK farm that contains (gate way, nodes and humidity and temperature sensors, nitrogen soil sensor, phosphorus soil sensors, and potassium soil sensors).

the AgriLive System which installed at PTUK farm Components from:

A-  One Gateway (AgriLive Gateway) for data collection :  the brains of the system which is tasked with collecting data and relaying actions between our servers and the nodes through redundant and reliable internet connections.

B-  10 Nodes (AgriLive Node):  tasked with collecting data from the field and environment then

relaying it back to the gateway via long range radio connection.

C- 126 sensors (25 sensors soil moisture, 25 soil temperature sensor, 25 N soil sensors, 25 P soil sensors, 25K soil sensors, One light sensor)


1-   Wide range of sensors that related to the Hydrological field (soil content N-P-K sensors, soil moisture sensor, soil temperature sensor, solar radiation sensor).

2-   Powered by solar energy, Low power consumption.

3-  Long rang wireless data transferring between AgriLive Gateway & AgriLive Node.

System benefits:

1-   Graphical data history through website.

2-   Ability to create notifications and alerts over any sensor value.

PTUK project teams

  • Dr.Nissren Tamimi
  • Dr Iyad Badran
  • Dr. Mahmoud Rahil
  • Dr, Yahya Istaitih

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