Workshop #3 Advanced technologies in agriculture and case studies

BENEFIT consortia starting the 3rd Capacity- Building Workshop at Hebron University during 28-30 June 2021. In the presence of Dr. Aziz Salama from Al-Quds Open University as project manager and Dr. Sabri Saghir, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at Hebron University, with the participation of Dr. Nedal Jayousi the NEO Director launched the opening of this workshop, the meeting was held with local universities (ALQUDS OPEN UNIVERSITY (QOU), An-Najah National University (ANNU), Palestine Technical University Kadoorie (PTUK), AL-Istiqlal University (PASS), Hebron University (HU) & University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS)), with the partners from Europe (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SPU), University of Patras (UPAT), University of Ruse (RUAK), institute of Technology and Business in Czech Republic (VSTE)).

The participance followed a number of activities and case studies during the work shop that discussed the following topics:

  • Information systems (IS) as a supporting system for agriculture business and farms
  • Smart Farms
  • Autonomous vehicles in agriculture
  • Image processing in agriculture
  • Application of Intelligent systems for livestock monitoring and analysis
  • Spectral analysis and computer vision in crop farming
  • Case studies such as: Approaches and methods for precision beekeeping; Supporting precision agriculture with renewable energy; Food Safety Management Systems; and Agri-Food Incubators.




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