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Nisreen Tamimi

Curriculum Vitae
1.1 Personal Information
Name: Nisreen Tamimi.
Family name at birth: Mansour.
Date of birth: 24.April.1977.
Nationality: Palestinian.
Marital status: Married.
Address: Palestenian Technical University, Kadoorei- Palestine.
E-mail: Mobile no.:+972598999847.
1.2 Education
Degree Ph.D.   Date 2012-2016.  Principle Subject Environment and natural sciences.
University Koblenz-Landau-Germany.
Thesis Title Effects of Seasonal Olive Mill Wastewater Application on Soil: Field Experiment in Bait Reema             village, Palestine.
Degree M.Sc. Date 2003-2006.    Principle Subject Water science and technology.
University Birzeit University-Palestine.
Thesis Title Alleviating the Negative Impact of Brackish Water and Reclaimed Wastewater on Vicia faba                Plants through Treatment with Jasmonic acid.
Degree B.Sc.   Date 1995-2000.  Principle Subject Agriculture engineer for plant production and protection.
University Al-Najah National University-Palestine.
1.3 Key Skills Areas:
Agriculture, reuse of wastewater and saline water, olive mill wastewater, soil analysis, soil
chemistry, irrigation management, environmental assessment, environmental studies, extension
services, soil-water-plant research, project planning and monitoring, facilitation and training,
field experiments design and monitoring, wastewater analysis, soil chemical, and thermal analysis.

1.4 Employment
Date January 2018- now.
Occupation Assistant Professor-Department of Environmental and Sustainable Agriculture- Faculty of                  Agricultural Science and Technology, employer Palestinian Technical University-.Kadorei- Palestine.
Date October 2016- December 2017.
Occupation Acting Director of Engineering Design DepartmentGeneral directorate of Agricultural water.
employer Ministry of Agriculture-Palestine.

Date March 2014- September 2016.
Occupation Scientific researcher-OLIVEOIL SCHA849/13 project
funded by the German Research Foundation/Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaf (DFG).
employer University of Koblenz-landau- Germany.

Date January 2012- March 2014.
Occupation Scientific researcher-OLIVEOIL SCHA849/13 project
funded by the German Research Foundation/Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaf (DFG).
employer Al-Quds Univesrity- Palestine.

1.5 Professional Qualification:
 (2020 -now) project manager representing Palestine technical university of ERASMUS
project “Boosting Innovation in Education and Research of Precision Agriculture in Palestine/
 (2016-end of 2017) technical committee’s member with Palestinian standards institutes
for reuse of industrial treated wastewater.
 (2012-2016) scientific researcher during my Ph.D. study within the framework of the
project “OLIVE OIL SCHA849/13” funded by the German Research Foundation/Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaf (DFG). I carried out the field experiment which was conducted in
Palestine. My main duties during the four years of the study included soil sampling, soil and
olive mill wastewater chemical and thermal analysis, data analysis, and data evaluation.
 (2010-2012) country coordinator of the regional project “Adaptation to climatic change
of the West Asia and North Africa” funded by International Center for Biosaline Agriculture.
 (2005-2009) country coordinator of the regional project “Saving Fresh Water Resources
with Salt-tolerant forage Production in Marginal Areas of West Asia and North Africa funded
by International Center for Biosaline Agriculture.
 (2008) scientific committee’s member of sustainable development and management of
water in Palestine conference, Birzeit University.
 (2006-2008) steering committee’s member of social and economic issues of reuse AlBireh treated wastewater, in cooperation with Birzeit University.
 (2002-2004) technical committee’s member of the reuse of Al-Bireh treated wastewater
in agriculture in cooperation with CH2MHill.
Date May 2004-January 2012.
Occupation Agriculture engineer- irrigation department
employer Ministry of Agriculture-Palestine.
Date 2000-May 2004
Occupation Agriculture engineer- Ramallah agricultural department.
employer Ministry of Agriculture-Palestine.
 (2004) technical committee’s member with Palestinian standards institutes for reuse of
treated wastewater in irrigation.
 Trainer for both farmers and agricultural technicians in irrigation scheduling and
management, soil fertility, use of saline water, reuse of treated wastewater, and soil-plant-water

1.6 Teaching courses:
 Ecology.
 Solid waste management
 Soil physics and chemistry.
 Environment and energy.
 Water and air pollution.
 Agriculture pollution.
 Rural development.
 Principles of natural resource ecology.

1.7 Publications
 Mansour, N., Mimi, Z., Harb, J*., 2008. Alleviation of Salinity Stress Imposed on Broad
Bean (Vicia faba) Plants Irrigated With Reclaimed Wastewater Mixed With Brackish Water
Through Exogenous Application of Jasmonic Acid. Efficient Management of Wastewater 91-
102. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
 Tamimi, N., Diehl, D., Njoum, M., Marei Sawalha, A., Schaumann, G.E. *, 2016.
Effects of Olive Mill Wastewater disposal on Soil: Interaction Mechanisms during Different
Seasons. Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics 64(2), 176-195.
 Tamimi, N., Schaumann, G.E., Diehl, D. *, 2016. The Fate of Organic Matter Brought
into Soil by Olive Mill Wastewater Application at Different Seasons. Journal of Soils and
Sediments: 4(17), 901-916.
 Kurtz, M.P., Tamimi, N., Buchmann, C., Steinmetz, Z., Keren, Y., Peikert, B.,
Borisover, M., Diehl, D., Marei, A., Shoqeir Hasan, J., Zipori, I., Dag, A., Schaumann, G.E. *,
(2016) Soil based wastewater treatment – Effective utilization of olive mill wastewater. Water
Solutions, 82-86.
 Y. Keren, M. Borisover*, G.E. Schaumann, D. Diehl, N. Tamimi, N. Bukhanovsky.,
(2017) Land Disposal of Olive Mill Wastewater Enhances Ability of Soil to Sorb Diuron:
Temporal Persistence and the Effects of Soil Depth and Application Season. Journal of
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment: 236, 43-51.
Oral Presentation
 Tamimi, N., Marei Sawalha, A., Schaumann, G.E. Effect of Olive Mill Wastewater
Spreading on Soil under Different Climatic Condition in a Semi Humid Area: A field study in
Bait Reema – West Bank – Palestine. Workshop: “Olive mill wastes and low-quality water in
agriculture”. April. 2013. Landau –Germany.
 Tamimi, N., Diehl, D., Schaumann, G.E. Changes in Soil Organic Matter Quality and
Composition after seasonal Application of Olive Mill Wastewater. German Soil Science
Society Annual Seminar. September. 2015. München, Germany.
 Poster Presentation
 Tamimi, N., Diehl, D., Marei Sawalha, A., Schaumann, G.E. Effect of Olive Mill
Wastewater Spreading on Soil Wettability and Acidity under Different seasons in a Semi-humid
Area: A field study in Bait Reema -West Bank – Palestine “EGU –General assembly ”
May.2014 Viena-Austria.
 Tamimi, N., Diehl, D., Schaumann, G.E. Development of Phenol Content, Acidification,
and Soil Water Repellency after OMW Application in an Olive Orchard in Palestine: Influence
of the OMW application season. “SETAC Europe 25th Annual meeting” May.2015.

1.8 Training courses and seminars
 Water Resource Management, 2002, Ministry of agriculture, Palestine.
 The design of Irrigation System, 2002, Ministry of agriculture, Palestine.
 Fertilizing and Soil Fertility, 2003, Ministry of agriculture, Palestine.
 Effective Management of Water for Irrigation and Reuse of Reclaimed Wastewater,
2004, Birzeit University, Palestine.
 Efficient Management of Wastewater Reuse, 2004, AL al-Bait University, Jordan.
 Development of Regional Guidelines for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, 2004, AL alBayt University, Jordan.
 Bio-solid Use in Agriculture, 2005, Australia.
 Water resources management, 2005, Italy.
 Irrigation management under saline condition, 2005, Ministry of agriculture, Palestine.
 Negotiation skills and advanced negotiation skills, 2006, Palestinian Negotiations
Affairs, Palestine.
 Project management, 2006, Birzeit University. Palestine.
 Experimental design and analytical analysis, 2007, Ministry of agriculture, Palestine.
 The GIS and remote sensing, 2007, Ministry of agriculture, Palestine
 Advanced experimental design and analysis, 2007, ICARDA Institute, Syria.
 Advanced wastewater treatment technology, 2010, IHE Institute, Netherland.
 Developing a Strategic plan for reform of environmental studies in the higher education
system of Palestine, 2010, Loughborough University, England.
 Scientific writing, 2015, Koblenz-Landau University, Germany.
 Water Conflict Management, May-2016, Ministry of foreign affairs-Palestine.
 Agricultural insurance- a climate change adaptation tool in African, Asian and Pacific
regions, March-2017, Malaysia
 High levels of English language studies, July-December 2017, Helen Institute-Palestine.
 Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, February- 2018, Abu Dhabi-UAE.

1.9 Relevant skills
 Computer proficiency MS Office Program (Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint).
 Laboratory analysis
 Training skills.
 Proposal writing.
 Report writing.
 Valid driving License.

1.10 Languages
 English: Excellent.
 German: B1 level.
 Arabic: Mother’s tongue.

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