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Lead Organization: Al Quds Open University

The management of the project is the most important aspect of the project; it aims to ensure the highest collaboration and coordination between partners and stakeholders. The management board will ensure the commitment of partners to time schedule and the most valuable benefits from meetings and workshops. The leader of this work package is required to form a management team and assign tasks to all project partners in order to ensure the highest involvement of project partners. The leader of this work package should guarantee the best allocation of financial, human, and all other resources, maximizing the impact of the project and the sustainability of the results.

The activities of this WP start with preparing and implementing the project coordination policy which will define the procedures that will regulate the project progressing. A risk plan will be prepared to define the procedures and actions, which should be taken in cases of insufficient outcomes, are occurring. The management will be also responsible to arrange and organize all the project meetings such as the kick-off meeting, the online meetings when required, the four management meetings during the implementation of WPs, and the final closing conferences.

The project management will also be responsible for the management of all financial, legal, and technical aspects of the project and will provide the periodical progressing reports including all the above-mentioned aspects.

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