Working Packages

Dissemination and Piloting


Lead Organisation: Al-Istiqlal University

The aim of WP4 is to ensure the highest visibility of the project and its activities. It is important to disseminate the consortium partners as well as the funding program Erasmus+ under which this project is sponsored. It is also important to disseminate the project outcomes, products as well as the experience gained during the implementation of the project. Thus, the leader of this WP should first form a dissemination team and assign tasks to them in order to design and follow-up a dissemination strategy, which should include detailed actions including establishing and managing the needed dissemination infrastructure such as the web-based platform, portal, printings, and social media.

The various channels and media used in the project for dissemination and exploitation purposes will be selected and adapted according to the intended audience or target groups. Additionally, the consortium will disseminate the results, documents, joint research papers, media work, and training materials of the project through the project website, consortium partners’ websites,  brochures, papers, and participating in relevant events at the national and regional levels.

The exploitation of this project will be implemented through ensuring the sustainability of results and the impact of this project in the long-term by making its resources and educational content available to all consortium members and to other external beneficiaries.
Dissemination will work to develop the communication process and gather researchers into an international symposium regarding the BENEFIT

Promoting awareness campaigns and the information days will disseminate the philosophy of BENEFIT  projects and their potential outcomes.

The process will contain the following activities:

  • Enhancing the visibility of the project implementation on the web.
  • Creating training manuals for precision agriculture applications.
  • Creating a scientific board for precision agriculture and/or digital farming research.
  • Launching a demonstration site (Incubator) for business start-ups in Palestine, especially for Date palm growers.
  • Awareness activities for digital technologies exploitation in agriculture.
  • Planning National and International symposium/conferences.
  • Piloting phase will assist the Palestinian HEIs to conduct the transformation and lead them to the implementation of the real-life study processes and practice.
  • Test and Revise Curriculum – this step includes a formative evaluation of curriculum materials during the production phase. A sample evaluation form is provided.
  • Recruit and Train students – recruitment strategy, piloting training program will be designed, and a testing group of students will be established. Strategies to promote and use the curriculum are discussed in this step as well.

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