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Quality Assurance


Lead Organization: Institute of Technology and Business in  Czech Republic  

The project quality will be monitored and evaluated through internal and external assessments. Internal assessments will be organized by the BENEFIT Management Committee and will include quarterly evaluation of the quality of the project activities through questionnaires filled in by all project participants. The external auditor who will continuously review the project activities and deliverables will conduct the external assessment. This external quality expert will be hired to conduct an external evaluation process for the project. The evaluation will review the deliverables to ensure the realization of the intended impact of the project. It will also evaluate the quality of management for the project and the partnership performance. External auditor Reports will be prepared at the end of each project year. Public feedback from the information on project activities published on the Project website, various promotional activities, and Annual progress reports will also provide external quality control and assessment. The external evaluation will also assess the effectiveness and impact of dissemination activities. The leader of this work package will form the quality assurance team and will design a comprehensive quality assurance plan, including forms, criteria, and evaluation procedures. The leader should present the quality assurance plan during the kick-off meeting and will explain the forms, methods of self-evaluation as well as the evaluation procedures and time plan of the evaluation process. The leader of this WP will also be required to design and analyze the evaluation of different questionnaires, evaluation forms, definitions of qualitative and quantitive measures, and validation of data gathering tools. It is also requested to ensure the highest involvement and satisfaction of the project members. The QA Team will also be responsible for monitoring deliverables and insuring deadlines commitment. The QA team is also requested to prepare an annual Evaluation Report in coordination with other work packages.

At the end of the project, the QA team will be responsible for preparing and submitting a comprehensive quality assurance report, this will include the results of the final project assessment, the achieved outcomes, and the satisfaction of participants in the different work package.

​This work package is designed to deal with the quality process for this project; Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) methodologies. For QA, a set of templates for developing curriculum, courses, and training materials will be used and assessment is needed to develop the ILOs. For QC, a set of peer reviews for the developed materials and a set of delivery satisfaction surveys will be used.

QA will involve Model exploration, QC will involve peer, internal, (client), constructability, and usability reviews.

The following handled by QA are:

  • Evaluate surveys used for Institution readiness.
  • Evaluate awareness material.
  • Evaluate training material content.
  • Evaluate material delivery and impact.
  • Evaluate dissemination and sustainability.

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